silly silly little comic

Ladies, gentlemen, and other gentlepeople: my girlfriend’s ‘silly little comic’

Oh my fucking gods this is perfect

This makes me smile 

dragon came from water not fire
woman rebelled to save other woman
other woman didn’t need saving and could hold her own
dragon wasn’t killed
political scams
interracial lesbian relationship
there is not one thing about this I don’t like. 10/10 fuck yeah

I just realized that she said she’s studying alternative cures for magical stasis. Magical stasis as in sleeping curses. She is researching how to rescue sleeping princesses without needing a bullshit True Love’s kiss because she knows how shitty it is to sit around waiting for some hero to rescue her.

Perfect comic is perfect



Anonymous asked:

What advice would you give to someone who is insecure coming out of an mental obsessive relation on gaining confidence?

drythroats answered:

Don’t take life or what anyone says too seriously. Because no one actually cares, and everyone’s selfish and you should be confident anyway because I eat like shit, never sleep, drink too much and am not in my best shape whatsoever, but oh well *takes off top* I like being naked. And that attitude’s attractive, and makes others attracted to you, and makes others not want to give a fuck like you. Thus you are a god and always have been. Good job, you beautiful soul.